Our Circle

Circle of Grace is a gathering of spiritual seekers. We meet in circle to affirm that we are equals, and that we are all vessels of spirit. The purpose of our circle is to remind each other that we are whole, perfect and beautiful. This re-membering and re-awakening provides strength, inspiration, and the feeling of being loved, which we can carry with us in our daily lives. Our community is Interspiritual: We embrace many spiritual practices, and understand that each individual chooses their own spiritual journey. Having a different person facilitate our inspirational talk each time provides us the opportunity to practice open-mindedness, to remember the many paths toward oneness, and to allow each of us to continue to grow. Every individual has gifts they bring to the circle, and during the sharing portions of the circle we provide an opportunity for all to share their perspectives in a safe and sacred space. When we share our personal experience of spirit, the Grace is palpable and inspiring: We are each the voice of God and the Grace that is present in our circle is more than enough!

The history for Circle of Grace begins in December of 2007 when a small group of people started meeting for Sunday services at an acrylics shop located in Bloomington, MN.
– May of 200 – Our community decided to incorporate as a non-profit organization known as Divine Unity Church.
– December of 2008 – We had outgrown the space at the acrylics shop and moved into a new Bloomington location near the intersection of Old Shakopee Road and 98th Street.
– February of 2010 – The traditional church service format was changed to a Sunday Spiritual Gathering that would be held by sitting in circle and be guided by Spirit.
– November of 2010 – Our name was causing some confusion within the local community as we are not affiliated with the Unity Association of Churches. This month marked the last time for our community to be known as Divine Unity Church.

“What the caterpillar perceives as the end, to the butterfly is just the beginning.”

In December of 2010, the new name for our community, Circle of Grace, was birthed and we moved into our current space at Lake Harriet Dance Center in Richfield, MN.  Sundays are experiential in nature and often involve movement to encourage our physical form to connect with our spiritual bodies.  We have a steady rotation of regular presenters interspersed with new presenters.

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