The River’s Voice



Dr. Kimberly Berkus ~ Chiropractor

John Hakim Bushnell ~ Sufi Zikr and Dances of Universal Peace

Monique Ferre ~ Spatial Dynamics

Kay Grace ~ Sound Healing

Ron Jensen ~ Life Coach

Katharine Krueger ~ Journey of Young Women

Betsy Leighton ~ Spiritual Direction

Jessica Metzger ~ Art Therapy

Deborah Savran ~ Heart-Felt Direction


Calling the Circle

Outline for the Sunday Spiritual Gathering

Lyrics – Welcome to this Circle

Gathering Prayer



World Healing Meditation

Grounding Exercise


Prayers, Poems and Readings

Iroquois Prayer of Thanks

Prayers of Gratitude

Closing Prayer from 3-13-11

The Singing Bowl

Retrospect 6-20-10


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